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Time to Sell?



You’ve heard it a million times.  Location is the only thing that really matters in real estate.  True, location is important and when you are buying real estate always be mindful of the location…not just the deal.  But now that you are selling, location is what it is.  You can’t change it.  So, what are the things that are important AND within your control?

Three things That Are In Your Control

1. Condition
Your home or property will sell more quickly if the condition of your property is better than that of other homes in the neighborhood.  Clean it up! Invest in a commercial cleaning company to do a professional deep cleaning.  Paint!  Put a fresh coat of paint on it.  You will be surprised what a difference this makes. Declutter and take down items that are personal.  Mow the grass, weed all the garden beds, mulch.  This is important for residential or commercial property.  If you are selling vacant land, is the property easily walked?  Has someone dumped trash on the property?

2. Price
Price it right from the beginning!  All real estate sells more quickly when it is priced correctly from the very beginning.  If you overprice your real estate, just to see what happens, the answer will be nothing much will happen.  There is a lot of inventory on the market and you will either make other properties look like a better value or you will make them look like a terrible value in comparison to your property.   

You usually get the most interest in your property in the first several weeks after putting it on the market.  If it is overpriced  this may cause people to not to consider your property. Then  you may have difficulty getting potential buyers to come back after you lower the price.  You can’t really say, Jjust kidding, come back, I’m ready to be reasonable now.”  You may lose your initial momentum and marketing will be prolonged
How do you establish a good price for your property?  You will need to look at what is currently on the market and what the absorption rate for similar properties is in the area.  Equally important will be what buyers in the market have paid in recent months for properties that are similar to yours.  Lastly, look at what has failed to sell and try to determine why the property hasn’t sold.

3. Choose the Right Realtor
Choose a fulltime Realtor!  This realtor needs to be someone who is serious about the business.  Cindy Cooper and Georgia Turner have over 30 years of combined fulltime real estate experience.  It is all they do!  Don’t trust one of the largest financial transactions of your life to date to someone that doesn’t have the track record, education , experience and commitment. Cindy and Georgia have the qualifications to help you no matter what kind of market  it is.  

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